Objective: To highlight detection of left ventricular thrombi on cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) viability studies.

Method: This retrospective observational study was conducted in the Radiology Department at our Hospital in Dhahran, from April 2015-2019. All recently re-perfused (post-percutaneous coronary intervention/ PCI) patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarctions (STEMI), having low ejection fractions (

Results: Of the 125 patients, most were men (71.2%) with a mean age of 56.78 years. Eleven patients had left ventricular thrombi (8.8%), and most of these were anterior wall infarctions with low ejection fractions (

Conclusion: Left ventricular thrombi can be detected on cardiac viability studies in recently re-perfused STEMI patients and may possibly predict the risk of complications.

Dataset-MRI-CARDIAC.xls (48 kB)

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