Context: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) put a spotlight on focused cardiac ultrasound (FoCUS). However, the spectra of cardiac disease, and the resources available for investigation vary internationally. The applicability of FoCUS to internal (IM) and critical care medicine (CCM) practice in Saudi Arabia and their current use of FoCUS are unknown.

Aims: To determine the applicability of FoCUS to IM and CCM practice in Saudi Arabia and quantify the residents’ current proficiency, accreditation and use of FoCUS.

Methods: A questionnaire was distributed to the residents in IM and CCM at our institution to determine their proficiency, use of FoCUS, and perceptions of its applicability.

Results: In total, 110 residents (IM 100/108; CCM 10/10) participated (Response rate 93.2%) and reported that FoCUS was very applicable to their practice, most specifically for pericardial effusion, right heart strain, and left ventricular function. Two IM residents had received postgraduate training, ten used FoCUS regularly, none were accredited and overall self-reported proficiency was poor. In contrast all CCM residents had received postgraduate training and reported regular use of FoCUS. Two were accredited.

Conclusions: Whilst FoCUS is applicable to IM practice in Saudi Arabia, significant skills gaps exist. The skills gap in CCM is lower but unaccredited practice is common. Our residents’ responses were similar to those from Canada. Thus, international standardization of FoCUS training could be considered.

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