Objective: In this study, we investigated the usability of atherogenic indices of patients who underwent coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) due to coronary artery disease and patients without CAD as risk factors and markers for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Methods: The data of 150 patients who underwent CABG, and 155 patients who underwent coronary angiography and was not diagnosed with CAD were analysed retrospectively. Demographic data and plasma lipid values were collected. The relationship between these ratios and CVD was investigated via univariate logistic regression analysis performed by creating atherogenic indices. Results: The data of 125 patients who underwent CABG between May 2018 and May 2020 (90 males, 35 females; mean age 64,94±9,61), and 155 patients who had coronary angiography between the same dates and found to have no CAD (64 males, 91 females; mean age 60,12±11,6) were analysed retrospectively. The atherogenic index of plasma (AIP), atherogenic coefficient (AC) and lipoprotein combined index (LCI) ratios were found to be significantly higher in the CABG group compared to the control group (p < 0.001).CABG applied patients were divided into three groups according to their SYNTAX Score-I values. There was no statistical difference in the AIP (p = 0.434), AC (p = 0.715) and LCI (p = 0.891) ratios between the groups. In the ROC analysis of the CABG group, it was found that the AC value was the highest in terms of sensitivity with a value of 74.4% (AUC = 0.669, p < 0.001), and the LCI was the highest in terms of specificity with a value of 65.8% (AUC = 0.634, p < 0.001). In the univariate logistic regression analysis created, it was seen that all three indices had a significant effect in the CABG group (AIP; OR 0.493 p=0,002, AC; OR 0.298 p < 0,001, LCI; OR 0.358 p = 0,001). Conclusion: The use of atherogenic indices in daily practice can be recommended in the process of monitoring the risk of CVD in CAD patients, along with determining those patients’ lipid profiles.

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