Background: Systemic to pulmonary shunt (Shunt) is offered for children with duct dependent pulmonary circulation to augment pulmonary flow. Recently patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) stent (Stent) is widely used as an alternative method. We aimed to compare post intervention outcomes in children underwent either procedure. Methods: Infants under 3 months who had an initial palliation by Shunt or Stent were retrospectively reviewed between 2008-2016, then followed till the second intervention or 1 year whichever earlier. Results: 187 patients (110 Shunt and 77 Stent) were included. Initial weight and pulmonary artery (PA) branches size were similar between the groups. Shunt patients had more shock preoperatively and required more emergency intervention. Stent group showed less ICU stay 4 (1-8) vs 13 (7-23) days, p

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